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If you are a Transit Authority that operates a smartcard ticketing system, you know all about the benefits of systems that make travel easier for your customers. The goal that you strive for is simple, efficient and reliable ticketing that makes it easy for people to move throughout your city or region.

You also know that there are ways that this could be better. For instance, customers see the smartphone that is in their hand and wonder why they can’t manage their smartcard instantly and easily – checking their balance, reloading their purse, buying new products.

Snapper faced these challenges too. We had a system that did a great job for our customers and we could see that it could be better. We could see the opportunity that integrating with mobile, retail and online ecosystems offered to our customers.

We could also see that this was a challenge that the industry hadn’t yet been able to solve. So we decided to solve it. We developed a set of services that could co-exist with our existing ticketing scheme and made them available to our customers. As a result Snapper customers have choices that suit their needs. They can reload their card in retail, online and mobile – all instantly and conveniently.

When we talk about this with Transport Authorities, they are interested in what we have done and how they could take advantage of this opportunity. We have seen this as an opportunity to share what we have learned with the industry.

The first step in doing this has been with our partners Vix Technology. We are working with Vix to provide an integration for the NTA Ireland for Leap cardholders. This will let travellers in Ireland reload their Leap card from an Android NFC smartphone.

The next step has been to offer these services to Transport Authorities around the world, which is why we have developed this website.

This new site will tell you everything you need to know if you are considering providing these services to your cardholders. All you need is a proven interoperability standard and we can do the rest.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take the next step in making your city mobile.