Snapper wins Transport Ticketing Technology of the Year

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We were delighted to win the Transport Ticketing Technology of the Year award at the Transport Ticketing Global Conference and Expo in London last week (You are probably working out that the theme is Transport Ticketing!). We entered our Mobile Reload solution that we have had running in Wellington for the last three years and that we are in the process of deploying with the NTA in Ireland, alongside our partners at Vix.

This award has a rich history –  previous winners include Vix Technology in 2014 and Siemens Mobility and Logistics in 2013 –  and was the most competitive category this year with 11 finalists. Naturally, we are very happy that our work has been recognised in this way and it is an important validation of the talented team that we are building.

Personally, I would like to thank everyone that voted for us and congratulate all of the finalists who are playing their part in moving the industry forward.

The ticketing industry is continuing to develop at a rapid pace. The twin influences of convergence with payments and convergence with mobile are driving customer expectations higher which in turn is resulting in more innovative products and services. We think this is the most exciting time to be part of this industry and we’re committed to continuing to develop great experiences for smartcard customers and Transport Authorities around the world.

Our official media release is below.

Snapper Lands International Award in London

It’s been a big week for Snapper. At the Transport Ticketing Global Conference and Expo in London, Snapper officially launched their new range of technology solutions.  They also went up against some tough competition in a shortlist of 10 other contenders to be awarded with Ticketing Technology of the Year!

The award showcases the work that Snapper has done with their innovative Mobile Reload technology, which has been deployed in New Zealand since 2012, and will be rolled out for the National Transport Authority of Ireland later this year as well.

While this new line of business is targeted at Transport Authorities operating smartcard ticketing schemes, it doesn’t mean you will see Snapper cards multiplying en-masse all over the world.  Snapper is taking their leading edge technology and offering it as a white-label product, so Transport Authorities can leverage the investment they have already made in their existing smartcard branding.

The benefits for Transport Authorities are two-fold. By engaging with Snapper to develop Mobile, Online or Retail Solutions, the Transport Authority can provide their cardholders with an improved reload experience that is instant and convenient. Secondly, the Transport Authority can benefit from a reduced cost of operations once a portion of their customer base takes up this new method of reload.

The Transport Ticketing Expo this week has confirmed just how valuable these services are to Transit Authorities.  “Mobile is eating the world and transport ticketing is no exception. Transport Authorities are facing pressure to meet customer demand for mobile oriented services that work with their existing smartcard.” says Snapper CEO Miki Szikszai. “Transport Authorities are telling us that Snapper’s proven solutions can meet these needs. We look forward to taking the discussions further over the coming weeks to deliver real results for their cities.”