Snapper delivers a first for Victoria University

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While Snapper has recently been lauded for their success overseas, winning the Ticketing Technology of the Year award in London, the company has also been working on a local solution to help students and staff at Victoria University.

Snapper has enabled the Victoria inter-campus (VIC) pass to work on the Cable Car as well as buses that operate between Victoria University’s campus locations. The pass is available for students who have classes split between different campuses and need a quick way to get across town.

“The ability for staff and students to not only use Snapper cards for buses but also the Cable Car is a great development as it creates another convenient and sustainable travel option. Students have given some great feedback on the service since it was launched,” says Andrew Wilks, Victoria University Environmental Manager.

This multi-modal pass is a New Zealand first. Not only does it work across two different transport modes, but those modes are run by two different operators (NZ Bus and Wellington Cable Car Ltd); these are in turn supported by two different ticketing equipment vendors (Vix and KSCC), with a travel product that is provided by an independent third party (Victoria University). There is no other system currently operating in New Zealand which can demonstrate the same flexibility in travel products or multiple vendors that is in practice here.

Snapper is able to deliver this multi-modal functionality due to the open and flexible system it has created, which underpins the Mobile Reload solutions the company is marketing to transport authorities locally and off-shore.

Snapper has consistently demonstrated the benefits of having an open architecture by extending its system over the years to include parking, taxis, the Cable Car, 2degrees mobile and EFTPOS NZ. Further integrations with Semble, Spark and Vodafone are also coming soon – all of this has an end goal of providing a world-class ticketing system for Wellingtonians.

“Technology is advancing at a rapid pace globally, and the transport ticketing industry is no exception. Our vision at Snapper is to unlock transport ticketing systems, to connect them with other systems, and to develop useful new services for customers and transport authorities. We’re delighted to be able to provide this new service, which will make moving between campuses easier for Victoria University’s students and staff,” says Snapper Services’ CEO Miki Szikszai.