SmartWare – now with iOS

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SmartWare transforms existing smartcardbased ticketing systems by adding the ability to instantly top-up or perform self-service functions right from the phone. SmartWare also reduces the need for Transport Authorities and Operators to deploy expensive reload infrastructure such as ticket vending machines, improving the cost to serve customers. SmartWare provides all of these benefits without requiring any change to your existing ticketing system and is proven at scale, typically processing 25% of reload volumes in markets where it is deployed. 

What makes this success even more remarkable is that, up until now, SmartWare has only been available for Android customers. 

Snapper is very pleased to announce that SmartWare now includes support for iOS, enabling Transport Authorities and Operators to provide the benefits of instant reload and self-service to iPhone* users. 

This new development is due to Apple making the required NFC software capability available as part of iOS 13, which was released in September 2019. The Snapper team have developed the necessary integrations to add iOS endpoints to SmartWare and we have some great demos which we can show you, designed to meet the userexperience expectations of iPhone users.  

If your customers want instant reload and self-service direct from their phone, and you don’t want to the risk of a complex and expensive transition to an account-based ticketing system to provide this experience, then it is time to consider SmartWare. 

Contact us today for a no-obligation demo and quote.

*iPhone 7 or later required