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Level up your network. Level up your data.

Smarter data helps you make smarter decisions for stronger network performance and happier passengers.

Snapper Analytics

Real-time insights to continuously improve your network performance and build a more connected city.

All your data in one place

Snapper Analytics turns your data into beautiful, intuitive dashboards. You’ll see the exact routes, times, and trips that are performing well, need attention, or have capacity that could be redirected to better serve busier areas.

User-friendly interfaces make data accessible for everyone from operational users to customer service and executive leadership.

As agile as you are

Easily adjust parameters to discover problems on the same day, and show where you can make improvements to maintain service levels and safety for the next day’s service.

Build confidence in your network

Build a better understanding of your network to enable continuous improvement and give your passengers the excellent public transport experience they deserve.

Generate up-to-date reports instantly to make better strategic and compliance decisions, and build trust in your network with all stakeholders.
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Dappr enables full visibility
of services without the need
for costly hardware. Keep passengers informed and
gather operational data with
just one app.
Automatic vehicle location provides full visibility of previously unmonitored services across the network.

Designed with drivers in mind, Dappr’s friendly and intuitive interface lets drivers focus on safety and performance.
Build confidence in your network through flexible integration with scheduled services to handle unplanned vehicle replacements and resource shifts.

Pick and choose additional features to get the right data, or offer more ticketing options to passengers.