What is SmartWare™?

Snapper SmartWare™ is a bolt-on technology that sits between your back-office and your smartcard – a platform that acts as an interface to connect your ticketing system to third-party providers. This provides you with an open and flexible platform, making it easier to provide innovative services including instant smartcard top-up (reload) via a NFC smartphone (support for both iOS and Android), instant online reload with the Snapper Desktop app, retail reload and self-service kiosks.

And the best part? You can achieve all of this without replacing your entire system – SmartWare™ allows these additional services to run in harmony with your existing back-office.


Mobile Reload

Smartphones are now the dominant personal computing platform, allowing consumers instant and easy access to information and personal banking. Customers increasingly expect the same functionality from public transport ticketing.

Snapper can create the connection between your contactless smartcard and a NFC smartphone (either iPhone 7 or later, or an Android smartphone supporting NFC), so that the customer can:

  • view their card balance
  • top up their balance
  • view their transaction history
  • purchase or download a pass
  • access in-app customer care
  • apply actions

Snapper provides the libraries for app developers to integrate the reload functions into an existing mobile application, or to create a new application which is consistent with your own ticketing system branding.

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Online Reload

Not everyone has access to a suitable smartphone, so a Windows PC and a Mac option is recommended. As with the mobile solution, Snapper will provide the libraries for an online reload application, which allows the user to:

  • view their card balance
  • top up their balance
  • view their transaction history
  • purchase or download a pass.

A USB smartcard reader is used to transfer information from the PC to the card instantly, rather than waiting to pick up the transaction the next time public transport is used.

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Self-service Kiosks

A self-service kiosk allows any passenger with EFTPOS or a credit card to top up their smartcard, check their balance and collect a token or any pending item. Kiosks can be branded according to your own brand guidelines.

  • Instant balance checks for the smartcard.
  • Self-service top ups with EFTPOS or credit cards.
  • Smart personalised user experience.
  • Intuitive and modern design.
  • Collection of any pending items (refunds) and tokens.
  • Unmanned, low maintenance, standalone design.
  • Space-saving low profile configuration.


Snapper’s solutions are designed to integrate with your existing system so that you can maintain the integrity of your back-office, business rules and smartcard investments. Snapper uses modern technologies and interfaces to ensure that the resulting services are flexible and open.

How open is your ticketing system?

 Download an interoperability checklist

To integrate with your existing smart ticketing system there needs to be a published and validated interoperability specification from your vendor, or a national standard such as ITSO that your ticketing system is founded on. Your card standard specification should demonstrate the following:

  • Card platform (Java, DESfire).
  • Fare Media layout.
  • Description of files stored within each location of the card.
  • Key structure.
  • Description of which keys are required to access which files.
  • Gates required to complete card functions.


We want to make it easy for you to get started. The best way to prove that mobile can work with your system is a first step that is cost effective and no risk. Snapper offers a fixed price proof of solution that integrates with your ticketing system specification, success guaranteed or no fee*.

The solution will include a reload application fully integrated with your test environment that supports card enquiry and e-purse reload.

*Proofs of solution are subject to availability and scheduling.