One mode of transport just doesn’t cut it – urbanisation means that multi-modal public transport networks are needed

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With 55% of the world’s population now living a city dwelling lifestyle, citizens across the globe need cities that are accessible. That means a variety of different public transport modes to meet a diverse range of inner city lifestyles. Here at Snapper, we are strong advocates for multi-modal public transport networks that support the full suite of options – from buses to trains, car sharing to ride sharing, ferries to bikes, they should all be as easy as walking out of your front door and using your smartphone.

Transport authorities around the world are quickly seeing the benefit in this collaborative approach, which creates a platform on which to integrate both existing and emerging transport modes whilst fostering innovation that feeds continuous improvement.

The result is a move toward a transport networks that evoke delight in travellers and complement the lives of all citizens whilst reducing the strain on a city’s infrastructure as well as environmental impact.

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