WEBINAR – Getting account-based ticketing right the first time: insights from early adopters

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In this one hour webinar, Snapper’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Nina Ive will discuss common challenges shared by a group of public transport authorities that have implemented account-based ticketing systems. Nina’s overview will be followed by guest presenter Chris Tucker, Director of Revenue Operations for TriMet, who will expand on the TriMet case study and update us on the success of the most recent account-based system implementation. Chris will also be answering questions submitted by the audience so this is a great opportunity to get first-hand insight into Portland’s journey.

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About the presenters

Nina Ive, Head of Sales and Marketing, Snapper Services 

Nina Ive, Head of Sales and Marketing

Nina Ive joined Snapper Services in August 2014 as the Head of Sales and Marketing. This position covers the customer experience and communications for the local Snapper ticketing scheme, as well as international business development for the white-label Mobile Reload Application.

Nina graduated from the University of Otago in 1997 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) and has spent the last 20 years working across many different industries and market sectors such as fast-moving consumer goods and medical devices, with a focus on technology and product development.






Chris Tucker, Director of Revenue Operations, TriMet

Chris Tucker, TriMet

Mr. Tucker leads TriMet’s Revenue Operations including the design and implementation of the world class, bi-state, account-based, open architecture Hop Fastpass™ fare collection system accepting contactless smart cards, EMV bank cards and mobile wallets on over 1,200 card readers in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. This includes the integration of over a dozen different vendor systems, and sales channels such as an integrated retail network with several hundred stores, a consumer website, and the deployment of Android and iOS mobile apps. Mr. Tucker also oversees agency merchant services, revenue collection and controls, and Field Equipment Maintenance of 250 ticket vending machines, digital displays, CCTVs and the communications infrastructure on bus and at rail stations supporting over 100,000,000 rides per year.

Mr. Tucker is leaving TriMet at the end of 2017, as he founded Clevor Consulting Group, Inc. with co-founder Trevor Findley. CCG is a boutique consulting firm focused on bringing unique technical talent and experience to the transport industry. As Managing Partner, Mr. Tucker helps agencies implement electronic payment systems by providing the in-depth experience necessary to deliver well-designed, customer-focused technology solutions, while improving operations and the user experience.