Is your cost of fare collection best-in-class?

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There is a lot of pressure to reduce the cost of fare-collection, and many large public transport agencies share information to help establish upper and lower limits. However, there isn’t a lot of information widely available to help small to medium sized agencies benchmark their costs across the industry.

As the narrative for account-based ticketing (to enable cost reductions) continues to gain momentum, we thought it would be a useful exercise to share some simple tools to support the benchmarking process and help identify which customer facing channels in your network are the most efficient, and which are delivering the lowest return on investment.

Use the simple calculator to benchmark your cost-to-revenue ratio.

Use the cost-to-serve calculator (available with the guide) to identify the efficiency of each of your customer ticketing and card top-up channels.

Armed with this information, you will be ready to measure the impact of account-based ticketing by demonstrating immediate improvements in the cost-to-serve, which in turn contributes to the total cost of fare collection.