How we delivered a better customer experience and saved money at the same time – really!

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The Challenge

Back in 2011, the Snapper scheme had been operating for three years.  We had engaged a call centre to handle basic customer queries and escalate more complex refund requests to our in-house customer care team to resolve.

However, that year, the addition of a new client doubled the volume of our business virtually overnight.  And the number of refund requests referred to our in-house customer care team doubled also.

Analysis of the previous year’s customer care records revealed that refund requests were less than a quarter of all queries, and were almost always a result of the customer forgetting to tag off the bus.  Yet these calls took more than seven times longer than the average call to resolve; up to a whopping 160 hours of customer care time per month!

Additionally, the whole process involved multiple contacts over several days, and required the customer to help us track exactly where they were overcharged and by how much ($4.31 on average).  The user then had to collect their refund from our office, or by purchasing a Snapper Feeder and downloading the MySnapper app. This was not always convenient.

Our customers were less than delighted.  It was time to look at this differently.

To find out what we did and how it worked out, download the Snapper customer service case study