Case Study: It’s in the doing

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When Snapper launched in 2008, we operated a fare collection and micropayments system in Wellington.  As we grew, we built a customer service interface for our call centre, brought a mobile reload app to market, and launched Australasia’s first mobile-on-the-go payments solution.

At industry events, we were often asked “Where did you buy that?”  Our contemporaries seemed surprised that we had developed these solutions ourselves, with a tight-knit team comprising talented people from our partners and our in-house team.  Could we offer this experience to others wanting similar systems?  And would a pure technology solution be enough?

Our opportunity to answer these questions came in 2014 when we partnered with Vix Technology to build a mobile NFC reload solution for the National Transport Authority in Dublin.  Read about our approach to the project and the outcome in this case study.


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