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The Snapper Story

Snapper Services has been creating modern and customer-focused public transport experiences since 2006. Our HQ is in Wellington, New Zealand, but you can find our partners and customers around the world. 

We believe that smart, effective public transport can build better cities and a more sustainable world. 

How we work: 

  • Innovation – we are creative and future-focused. We listen to our customers and continuously improve. 
  • Resilience – change makes us better. We know the work we do makes a difference. 
  • Collaboration – we’re all on the same team, if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us. 
  • Integrity – honesty and trust are fundamental. We stand by our work. 
  • Excellence – we hold ourselves to a high standard. Never accept average. 


Keen to get your network moving? 

Snapper Services is part of the ICM Mobility Group, which enables public and private transport to move into the digital era. From planning journeys and issuing smart tickets, to streamlining electronic payments and providing insights, ICM Mobility Group invests in and partners with companies shaping the digital transformation of the mobility sector. To learn more,