The Snapper Story.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2008 the Snapper brand has been unstoppable. Right from the get go, the Snapper team have consistently worked on extending the reach and functionality of what was possible, in order to create new levels of convenience for the citizens of Wellington. Even when faced with a  hefty quote to adapt their core system to meet the teams BIG ideas for making every day easier, their response was authentically Kiwi “we’ll have to DIY it”. So they narrowed the scope right down and built an integration layer that has progressively extended the functionality of their proposition.

” It doesn’t matter if you are taking the bus, buying a coffee, catching a taxi or paying for your parking, Snapper is all about making those transactions instant and easy so you can just get on with your day “

In 2012 Snapper took another leap forward and made its presence felt on the world stage with the launch of one of the first mobile on-the-go payment solutions that turned an android smartphone into a mobile transport wallet, using NFC technology.

That was then,
this is now.

While Snapper remains a darling of the Wellington market, Snapper has taken their experience as an integrator and turned their attention to the global marketplace.

Globally the fare collection industry is challenged by costly legacy systems and long contract cycles on the one hand, and consumer demands for increasingly more convenient and seamless payment solutions on the other. While open payment systems appear to be the holy grail for reducing costs and complexity in the long term, the cost of migration is significant and will therefore impact the speed of that migration cycle.

Amongst this phase of change, Snapper have spotted an opportunity to provide the industry with a range of bolt-on solutions to extend the life of the existing scheme while the transport operator is preparing for the new world of EMV.

The best
of both worlds.

With this shift in business model, Snapper is repositioning themselves as a product development expert and integration partner, rather than an end-to-end smart ticketing system vendor.

At the same time, the established and proven local market scheme that continues to march forward provides a brilliant test bed and ‘real life’ proof of concept for new customers looking to see how Snapper technology can benefit themselves and their customers.

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