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Introducing three flexible solutions to transform your ticketing service and improve your ROI

Passengers want all things digital and they want it yesterday!

It’s not easy (nor fast or affordable) for a Transport Authority to answer that need with a legacy ticketing system, or a paper-based offering. Until now.

Snapper is focused on helping Transport Authorities give their passengers the modern, easy ticketing experience that they want. Importantly, this is done with innovations that leverage existing card-based equipment or greenfield implementations.

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Why Snapper?

Snapper is a dynamic team of experienced transport technology developers, who understand the end-to-end requirements of operating a smart ticketing system.

Our knowledge operating a public transport system (since 2008) and having to customise it for our New Zealand market is what sets us apart from other ticketing software providers. Our experience working with other Transport Authorities in Ireland and Latvia over the last couple of years has also proven our ability to integrate technology to smart ticketing systems, so that the existing back-office, customer service channels and payment gateway continue to operate without disruption or change.

Snapper can offer ticketing solutions at any point in the lifecycle of a ticketing system. If you are about to go to tender, if you are in the early days of a new system, or if your system is near end-of- life, we can help you to get the most out of your investment with digital self-service options for your customers.