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Transport intelligence made easy

Excellent mobility data is a powerful tool, but only if you’re seeing the full picture.

We’re building better cities

We believe the key to accelerating the journey towards a sustainable world is in creating public transport experiences so good, they change the way;

  • Operators leverage data for smarter performance
  • Networks drive sustainability
  • People choose to move

See the full picture

Snapper Analytics turns your data into beautiful, intuitive dashboards. You’ll see the exact routes, times, and trips that are performing well or need attention.

User-friendly interfaces make data accessible for everyone from operational users to customer service and executive leadership.

Fill the gaps

Dappr enables full visibility of services without the need for costly hardware. Keep passengers informed and gather operational data with just one app.

Modern experiences your customers love

For eight years our award-winning mobile reload app has made it simple and secure for passengers to reload their card from their phone, reducing the inconvenience, infrastructure, and overhead of traditional top-up methods.