Do more with
what you've got.

If you currently operate a smart ticketing system and you want to enhance it with convenience features for your customers, then Snapper has a range of Reload solutions to transform your customer reload experience.

Why Snapper?

A platform from which to build mobile cities.

Snapper provides bolt-on technology solutions for Transport Operators and Authorities to improve the customer experience for card management services and provide a platform with the flexibility to innovate. We do this by integrating our SmartwareTM technology between your back office and the smart card, giving the flexibility to provide new services to customers without major changes or disruption to existing fare systems and equipment.

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So they say

" Mobile has become the most dominant computing platform on the planet, and it’s only going to grow more. "


CEO, Snapper

Industry insights

Why Snapper?

Snapper is a small dynamic team who can work quickly to provide solutions that meet your needs. We are also experienced ticketing system operators who understand the end-to-end requirements, challenges and costs of operating a smart ticketing system. Our knowledge operating a public transport system and having to customise it for our New Zealand market is what sets us apart from other ticketing software providers. Snapper knows

how to integrate technology to a smart ticketing system so that the existing back office, customer service channels and payment gateway continue to operate without disruption or change. Snapper can offer Reload solutions at any point in the lifecycle of your ticketing system. If you are about to go to tender, if you are in the early days of a new system, or if your system is near end of life, we can discuss options to do more with what you’ve got!

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